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Early Childhood Development

The first 5 to 6 years of a child’s life are the most important period of laying the pathways in your brain for learning and memory for the rest of your life.
If the correct foundation is laid in a child, that child will find it easy to learn other things. But if those pathways are not well formed during childhood, the probability is good that, that child will struggle at learning the rest of his or her life.

According to the UNICEF “Only 43% of children under 5 are exposed to an Early Childhood Development programme at home, a centre or elsewhere.”
That means that 56% of children in South Africa do not have any Early Childhood Development training. And they have a bigger chance to fall out of school later in life.

In the greater Roodepoort area, inclusive of the greater Soweto, there are many ‘Muchroom’ centres. These are usually an untrained lady or Gogo who have a heart for children but has not learnt what it involves to help children to become school ready.

At RICO we have developed a Basic ECD training (not registered) to help these ladies to know what to do with the children and how to do it. Over the years it has become more practical and less theoretical. This helps the teachers to be able to know what to teach the children on a day to day basis.

We started with the ECD training in 2010. We are training about 120 ladies a year and have a constant waiting list of more than 200 ladies.