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From the start of the ministry here in Roodepoort inner city, we decided to focus on skills training rather than feeding and sheltering.  Teaching sewing skills to vulnerable, unemployed ladies has been a long time passion of Henriette’s.  At the end of June we started with two unemployed ladies  – teaching them to make bags.


One of the ladies on the project is an ex-student of ours.  She approached us in dire straits – she was at the end of a very challenging pregnancy, was rejected by her community, unemployed and at the point of being kicked out of the room she stayed in because she couldn’t pay rent.  After counseling and praying with her (and so many others in similar situations) we knew we also had to help her tangibly and sustainably, without creating dependency.

Once a week they come together and Henriette does a Bible study with them, after which they start sewing.

We gave them a small start-up loan to purchase materials and consumables.  They pay this back from the proceeds of the first ten bags they sell.  We are teaching them to budget, price the bags, and do the accounting for their own business.  We also agreed with them that 5% of the income from the bags will go back into the ministry, in order to enable us to continue with this project and help more ladies in future.

We were blessed that the Impact Africa outreach team from Australia arrived here just as we started with the project.  They ended up buying the first eighteen bags, with potentially more orders coming from Australia.

Please let us have your orders, or if you could help us with marketing these bags let us know!  They are selling at R80 per bag at the moment.

Our colleague Eldad, modelling one of her creations.

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