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Review of 2016

Dear Friends

When one stands at the beginning of a new year, you inevitably look at where you were and were you are going to. We would like to reflect with you on what God has done for us this last year and want to ask you to pray for us that God, Who knows the future will guide our steps so we can follow Him in this year.

Last Year – 2016         

This was a year with many changes and a lot of growth in the ministry.

  • We identified 10 creche owners (previous ECD students) with whom we have built good relationships over the years to become a central group whom we disciple further in the Word of God and also to receive more comprehensive ECD training.  We had a fantastic year and saw tremendous spiritual growth in their lives. They were also equipped with quality ECD training – as we were blessed with the Brain Boosters training and also the Learn Not To Burn training.
  • Our leaders form Zambia, Coen and Suria Scholtz started a new ministry, Ethnos Movement International.
  • From the beginning of 2016 we affiliated with them. We are excited to be part of a bigger body of ministry and to have a wider influence than our immediate area here in Roodepoort. We have had many visitors through Ethnos, and are looking forward to our first intern who will learn more about the ECD training, and work with us over a 3 month period to learn how to do the ECD training.
  • Nkosinathi (the first young man who came off the streets and drugs) attended the first discipleship training Ethnos ran in Pretoria.
  • We saw many of the young men on the streets of Roodepoort who are addicted to drugs, and to whom we give food once a week, coming to us to come out of the drug addiction and to help them to change their lives. Since Nkosinathi went through rehabilitation, eleven other young men went to rehab, of whom 6 is still clean and serving the Lord, 2 are in rehab at the moment, and 4 are back on the streets or we have lost contact with them. There are also a number awaiting rehab at the moment.
  • We had great success with the sewing training and have made and sold many shoulder bags, and spent many hours talking about the Lord. The young Rastafarian lady who came for the sewing, gave her life to the Lord in September just before she had her 5th child!  We are looking forward to walk the discipleship road with her.
  • The ECD training continued and we are very blessed to have a great volunteer team who are working with us who has a heart for the Lord and are willing to give their time on Saturdays to teach others about ECD.

Jesus said: “The thief comes only to and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and it to the full.” One of the young men whom Jesus gave life to!

Alleta , one of our ex-students teaching in our Early Childhood Development Class.

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